Andrew Taylor Duo


Together, local musicians Andrew Taylor and John McFarlane are the Andrew Taylor Duo. With a distinctive style all of their own these talented musicians have played together for over five years in various bands, honing their skills on the gruelling pub circuit. The move to a more relaxed duo format allows Andrew and John to focus on their genuine love of playing music and entertaining crowds of all shapes and sizes.

After teaming up with The Gig Factory, the new-look Andrew Taylor Duo hit the local pub scene with gusto and have been in high demand after proving their ability to deliver quality entertainment, and, more importantly, an intimate, friendly experience their crowds don’t soon forget.

Andrew Taylor Duo performs an extensive set list that includes the latest releases alongside a range of popular classics in venues throughout Brisbane and South-East Queensland. With a quirky, fun aesthetic, and a characteristic chilled out sound, Andrew Taylor Duo specialise in providing easy listening entertainment and a good time for all — the young and the not-so-young, the party people and the true music enthusiasts.

Andrew Taylor Duo are the perfect entertainment for a range of gigs, from casual Sunday Sessions to a pumping Friday night pub gig. The boys provide a truly interactive entertainment experience regardless of crowd size, encouraging requests and inspiring an atmosphere of rollicking fun wherever they go. Both Andrew and John have a vast range of live entertainment experience, including private and corporate functions, and the duo is also available for weddings and birthday parties upon request. If a slightly bigger sound is what you are after,Andrew Taylor Duo can call on a range of talented musicians to fill out the stage in style.

Equipped with their own unique PA system — including John’s infamous suitcase drum kit —Andrew Taylor Duo combine the quality of a full-sized band with the mobility of a duo able to fit into any venue. With plans to play shows throughout Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth in late 2013, this already popular duo is only going to grow in both substance and style.

Andrew Taylor Duo’s mission is to share their chilled out good times with audiences across Australia and their fans can’t wait to hear more of them: “It’s good to hear nice music with two smiling faces attached to it.”


1 Fix you – Cold play
2 cotton I Joe
3 soon enough it comes – powder finger
4 otherside – red hot chilly
5 heart break warfare – John mayer
6 don’t look back in anger – Oasis
7 better be home soon
8 when you where young – killers
9 old man – Neil young
10 morning glory – Oasis
11 we are the people Empire of the sun
12 irous – goo goo dols
13 weather with you – Neil finn
14 the gambler
15 bad moon rising
16 over my head (cable car)
17 someday someday – Thirsty Merk
18 the scientist – cold play
19 Drive – incubus
20 Kryptonite – 3 doors down
21 yellow – cold play
22 Flume – bon ivre
23 rocket man – elton john
24 taylor – Jack Johnson
25 somebody told me – killers
26 walking away – crag David
27 brown eyed girl
28 you found me – the Frey
29 sommer love – JT
30 be my girl – Jet
31 hey ya –
32 waiting on the world to change – John Mayer
33 forever young – youth group
34 umbrella – nelly
35 accidentally in love
36 mustang sally
37 i’m a believer
38 better shape up – Greece
39 jet plane
40 confessions – usher
41 californication Red hot chilly
42 my love – JT
43 four seasons – Neil Finn
44 don’t panic – cold play
45 Diamonds on the inside – Ben Harper
46 amazing – Alex Lloyd
47 hey there Delilah –
48 no one – Alisha Keys
49 save tonight – eagle eye cherry
50 Drops of jupiter – Train
51 If you could only see – Tonic
52 Babylon – David Grey
53 Slide – Irous
54 opportunity Peat Murray
55 3 Am – Match box 20
56 mrs Robinson
57 sweet home alabama
58 moon dance – Van morrison
59 free falling
60 Crazy
61 so sick – Neyo
62 my happiness – Powder finger
63 i’m yours – Jason Mraz
64 Folsom Prison – Johnny Cash
65 shimmer – Fuel
66 little lion man – Mumford and sons
67 wonderwall oasis
68 lean on me
69 steal my kisses – ben harper
70 watchtower – jimmy Hendrix
71 sunsets – powderfinger
72 breakfast at tiffanies
73 chasing cars – snow patrol
74 all my life – K and yo jo
75 use somebody – kings of lion
76 Closing time
77 Heaven – Bryan adams
78 another day in paradise – Phil collins
79 push – match box 20
80 blister in the sun
81 Dumb things
82 Hurt so good – John Mellancamp
83 learn to fly Foo fighters
84 Friday i’m in love – the Cure
85 summer of 69 – Bryan Adams
86 real world – matchbox 20

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