Fiesta Tropicale


When the Spanish colonized the Carribbean islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico and Santgo Domingo, they brought western African slaves to create plantations of tobacco and sugar. Despite the human injustice of the slave trade, we are thankful to the evolution of Afro-Latin music. Skinned hand drums, wooden sticks and bells meet with trumpets, guitars and piano to form Musica Tropicale, the broad name given to the danceable music from the Caribbean islands and the central American mainland.

This heritage and Australia’s wealth of cultural diversity and hot north east coast are the raw ingredients for Fiesta’s music.

La Carretta – the muscial cart
An innovation original to Michali which has popularized the band. Take an organ grinders cart on bicycle wheels, install a sound system, tow it by a bass player, shade the keyboardist with a beach umbrella, then you’ve got a full live band wherever you want it, leaving two dancers and a trumpet player free to dance and interact with the audience. (folds up into aviation approved packages)


Different Themes
– Caribbean Dance Band in tropical colour , frilly sleeves, with Panama hats, for stage or roving entertainment.
– Mexican Bandidos in coloured ponchos, sombreros with gun belts, a comedy approach to Mariachi music.
– La Caretta Roving Band for markets, festivals, school fetes, boat cruises, shopping malls, parades, & hotel foyers (Mobile PA will marry to stage band PA).
– The Carnival Street Band appears in Sergeant Pepper costumes – suitable for street parades, Indian weddings, and circus themes

Reviews & Highlights

In the past 15 years Fiesta Tropicale performed at venues from Port Douglas Mirage & Sydney Rocks, to Melbourne’s Grand Prix, Regularly at 5 star resorts & all major funparks in Queensland, not to mention ten international tours.

Noteable -TV Commercial’s & Documentries… top of page
Japan TV commercial — Summer Festival 1998.
Live it up in Queensland — Queensland tourism.
Queensland Media Awards.
Brisbane Festival — ABC documentry 1997.

Noteable Performances… top of page
2002 China New years eve at 5 star hotel — Latin Cabaret stage shows & party.
2001 Singapore outdoor concert for marketing promotion.
2001 Solomon Islands tour — corporate shows & community dance.
China tour February 2001 — one week five star hotel (seven piece show).
Celine Dion concert 1996 —14 piece support show. Before & after at Gold Coast Conrad Jupiters Casino.
Eagles concert 1996 — Support using Mexican roving group.

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