The Wobbly Jellys


Hello gidday !! The Wobbly Jellys are Kieth Haigh, Richard Ofsoski and Col Davis and as a group have performed at various shopping centers, clubs and preschools around the Brisbane area. We are proud to introduce to you the all new groovy Wobbly Jelly show!

The show serves as a fun, entertaining and educational experience for children with many themes including Beach , Shapes, animals, food and vehicles to name a few and with or own special characters Super surf wave rider and Farmer Grubby boots to help us along the way.

The show also includes action packed dance moves, stage props, and costume changes with a high emphasis on child participation. We are also available to do a scaled down version of the show to suit smaller setups such as childcare centres etc. The wobbly jelly show uses the best technology consisting of high quality public address system, CD quality backing music and is also is compact enough to fit on any stage.

The Wobbly Jelly show is a 30-40 minute show of action packed fun consisting of original compositions from the groovy debut album titled “Hello Gidday”.  All members of the Wobbly Jelly’s have public liability cover and hold current blue cards


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